361 Belgrade Ave Project Overview 

Roxbury Prep submitted an application to the BPDA to build a facility at the 361 Belgrade Ave site. Below is a high-level overview of the facility specifications:


  • Reduced size by 46% to 49,520 gross square feet (down from 92,000 gross square feet)

  • Will serve 562 students (down from 800 and 860 in previous plans)

  • 89 sqft per student (down from 120 sqft in previous plans. This already made the school more densely packed than almost all of Boston's existing public high schools, according to a 2016 audit of school facilities) ​

  • 67 staff people (down from 80 in previous plans)

  • Building height will be reduced to 2-3 stories (from 3-4 stories in previous plans)

  • Two second-level exterior occupiable rooftop courtyards

  • Forty-six (46) below-level garage spaces, with option for thirty (30) spaces of valet-assisted surface parking spots during events, etc.

You can view the application in it's entirety here. 


In addition, if you are opposed to the project that will be built to accomodate 600+ individuals, you can inform your state and local representatives by clicking here to complete a pre-filled form letter.